3 Ways to Gather During this Time of Social Disconnection

Every breath you take… affects your heart rate

Did you know that voluntary changes in your breath pattern affect our emotions? Breathing in particular ways can restore balance to our stress response system, calm an agitated mind, and relieve anxiety.

In this free session, we will

  • review briefly some of the scientific basis for the effects of Breath~Body~Mind methods
  • practice techniques to quickly balance our stress response system and  improve emotional regulation
  • learn core breathing techniques , understand how they work, and discuss how we can use them to meet the many challenges we face

Here’s the link for Tuesdays at 4 pm ET


Drop-in Hours—The Dr. is in!

While in India, my colleagues there took to calling me Dr. Jill—which I found quite charming. I reprise it here, with a nod to one of my favorite cartoonists, Charles M. Schulz.

In this freeform “Hour of Opportunity” you are welcome to show up with a question about your work with the bikablo method, ask for feedback on a piece you are developing or have completed, or explore different ways in which to use your skills. You’re welcome to drop in and depart as you wish, or stay for the hour, listening to and learning from your colleagues!

Here is the Zoom link for Fridays, 12:30 – 1:30 ET


Cultivate Calm through Zentangle

Join me in drawing simple, structured patterns to create beautiful images, in a fun and supportive environment. Zentangle is a meditative art form that is created without planning, and yet follows a series of steps that allows people to experience the benefits of relaxed focus while creating delightful artwork. While I usually teach in person, I am now offering sessions online to communities of which I am a part.

I believe that our current circumstances call for opportunities for nurturing calm, engaging in simple pleasures, creating beauty, and enjoying communal experiences. 

Everyone is welcome to become a part of this captivating journey—no artistic experience is necessary. This is the right place to begin—or enhance—your skills. When you sign up, I will share information about the tools that I use—though they are not necessary to your success—and if you really want them, I can send the materials to you for future classes or your own enjoyment.

Here is the sign-up link for Saturdays, 2:00 – 3:15 ET



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