As promised! Version 2.0 of “The Work I do!”

I am wondering if you took up the challenge I proposed a few weeks ago… Did you think through, and perhaps sketch out, how you talk about the work you do so you can explain it easily to others? Do you have some drawings to share? I hope so!

Sharing my love of the bikablo method

As I put my fingers to the keyboard, I’m chuckling… once again my strength of creativity has gotten me into trouble! While I have a new, hand-drawn, very different version of the visual that “describes” my work… I am already thinking of yet a third design!

In this version, the viewer discovers a bit more about the bikablo Akademie, actually sees how the name “bikablo” came into being, and learns a bit more about the thinking behind visualization. It

  • is a cultural technique
  • addresses the questions of how people solve problems, learn, and collaborate
  • uses graphic elements, icons, and text
  • facilitates understanding







What do you think? Which one do you like better — and why?

I LOVE the photos of folks, to capture the essence of the experience and help people see themselves doing this work. I LOVE the story that’s being told in the hand-drawn visual. I think that I need to combine them—please tell me what you think!

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