Feedback, critique… What do you think?

I’m curious about your thinking!

I’m up to my eyebrows in thoughts and questions around the topic of feedback. I engage in giving feedback almost every day, and I often articulate the context of my approach yet I want to dig deeper…

When I look up the dictionary definition, it feels incomplete—it’s not big enough or inclusive enough or human enough… so I am on a quest to re-define it for myself and enhance the processes I offer my clients.

And, I want your help. Would you share the following with me?

How do you come to the topic of feedback? What’s your framework—philosophically and practically?

In my world, it’s about lifting people up, sharing what they’re doing well, and imagining what they can do, perhaps even better.

It is within the context of the vision of what is to be achieved and the creation of criteria for assessment.

And, it

  • asks people to stretch/asks big questions
  • it’s always congratulatory and constructive
  • takes into consideration people’s styles of interaction
  • is verbal and visual (drawn and/or written)

I’m going to think and write about this more… will you expand my thinking by sharing your ideas, questions, and resources? I’ll circle back with new ideas next week, so please respond to my request, as soon as you are able.

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