I’ve got post-training blues…

Check-in for our third session

Yesterday, I felt the high of being with people as they transformed before my eyes. For this bikablo Basic Virtual Training, we had four sessions of plorking (playing and working) over two days —their diligent practice and collegial nature led to exciting results.

This morning, my realization upon awakening was, “This will be a different day… training is over. “And while our next session is in July, I am missing the joy that goes into creating the learning environment and experience.

This virtual training of the Basic course has required new approaches to delivery and the creation of new charts. I have stretched in new ways, facing the occasional challenge in the most effective use of the technology for the learners and for me—which became a spur to broadening and deepening my knowledge and skills.

This morning I missed the sense of anticipation that I have had for the past week, just waiting for the training to begin. Once we began on Tuesday, I enjoyed collaborating online again with Jill Langer, using the tools and resources we have gathered, and developing connections with the participants. Watching folks dive into new methods, experiment with new tools, assess their own work, and offer compliments, insights, and suggestions to their peers was a delight!

I will have to wait until July for more of the same feelings—the bikablo Basic Day 2 Virtual Training has eight folks signed up already! Until then, I will savor the experience.

How about you? When did you last attend a training program, facilitated experience, or coaching session that you thoroughly enjoyed? Did you wake up the next morning celebrating the experience, mourning its passing, and savoring it too? What’s next on your calendar? I hope that you have something special planned!

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