Thinking ahead? What’s on the hot and hazy horizon for you?

How is your summer shaping up? What are your plans?

Are you ready to take your visualizing skills to the next level—broadening and deepening your practice?

If so, we’d love for you to join us! We/Jill Langer and I are offering Day 2 of the bikablo Basic training—virtually! There are a few spots left at the Early Bird rate (until June 15th). Here are the details.

Here’s the registration link

As you can see (in the fine print), Day 2 is only for participants who have taken Day 1. And, I’ll be honest with you, you need to be ready for it! We begin where Day 1 concluded, our first exercise gets you back in the thick of it. So if you haven’t been practicing as much as you would like to have been AND you want to join us, be sure that you pick up your markers! Here’s the registration link… Feel free to contact us with any questions that arise for you.


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