Never underestimate the beauty of a great question

What’s your favorite check-in question?

Wait, maybe we should take a step back… What’s the purpose of a check-in question for you? How do you use the first few minutes of a meeting, experiential encounter, or coaching session to connect with folks? 

I  realized last night during my session, Appreciative Living, Seeing the Positive in Life for the Agile Austin Coaching Group, the Agile Leadership Network of Houston, and the Mile High Agile Coaching Group, that I love setting the stage with a thoughtful check-in question.

My favorite is question is,

”What’s the best thing that’s happened to you today?”

What about you?

As you think back over the past week, what were your best experiences? What were the circumstances or situations, who was involved, what role(s) did you play? What else do you notice about those times?

I noticed that my roles were varied and I find that to be super cool! Whether I was…

  • engaged with my bikablo colleagues— partnering with Martin Haussmann, (the creator of bikablo) to develop the agenda and host the launch of  bikablo MeetUp, meeting with global team members to discuss moving the Advanced course online, or teaching  the bikablo Basic Day 1 course to participants in North America
  • collaborating with my colleagues from ATDNYC to create an interactive “Meet the Board” chapter meeting with breakouts of focused discussion
  • meeting with visual practitioner colleagues to create new offerings to those facing end of life issues
  • sharing my passion for appreciative inquiry with the agile groups or
  • in my one to one coaching sessions,  as I feel that I am working together with/supporting my clients as they build on their strengths and accomplishments, articulate their dreams, and design their futures.

What question will you ask yourself or others

to inspire reflection, gratitude, and perhaps deepen relationships?

Such a question, “What’s the best thing that’s happened to you today?” is a wonderful way to start conversation (at a meeting or the dinner table) or even to end one’s day.

I am passionate about integrating Appreciative Inquiry principles and practices into my daily life—both professional and personal. In my effort to share my enthusiasm, I am offering an Appreciative Living Learning Circle starting March 1. I hope you’ll join me. Look at the calendar page to learn more and please reach out to me with your questions.

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