New (and old) tools and resources

What’s new and/or different in your repertoire?

Last week, I started an online art course and learned not only new ideas and techniques but discovered tools I had never really used before (okay, a bit of dabbling in the past).

I have to say that I am smitten with Posca acrylic paint markers! They’re juicy, rich, thick-delightful! (It was my first time really working with acrylic markers… I have concluded (!) that I need more nibs of different sizes to enable me to color backgrounds more quickly AND get into tiny spaces.)



I started to reflect on tools I love and use consistently to make my work more fun (for me) appealing (to me and to others)!

What about you?

What’s new in you’re toolbox?

I swear by my fountain pen with PlatinumCarbon Ink Cartridges. The feel is so smooth and the ink seems to last FOREVER!




And, I was reminded yesterday of my “five-finger sketchpad” (h/t to Clark Strand, haiku editor for Tricycle magazine, for the reminder of how I use my fingers for counting syllables for my haiku every day).

What are the tools and resources you adore using?

What might increase your enjoyment of your daily work or special occasions? I’d love to know!

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    • Jill Greenbaum
      Jill Greenbaum says:

      Hahaha! Julie, I am taking the Domestika course, Botanical Patterns in a Sketchbook: Conquer the Blank Page: A course by Polina Oshu, Artist and Surface Pattern Designer. I bought it as a gift for my daughter and me. So far we have created together in person and online. It’s so much fun! I also learned a lot about Fauvism art—I LOVE it!

      And, the pen was originally from Jane Davenport (an Aussie artist). I just looked it up. Here is the page with the pen from one of my favorite companies, Jet Pens, It is available on Amazon too, and if you search for Platinum-Desk-Fountain-Pen-Black-Extra-Fine-Nib/pd/30519 you will find additional stores.

      Please lmk if you take the course (wait for a sale on Domestika) and/or buy the pen and ink!


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