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Loving my daily practice! How’re you feeling about yours?

I’m an Advocate (with a capital “A”) of daily practice. I have learned a thing or two over the past few years about what supports me in achieving consistency in my practice. I have created guidelines for myself before diving headlong into a new practice period. (I love defined beginnings and endings.)

What about you? When was the last time you sat with yourself, perhaps enjoying a beverage, and mused about what makes practicing and growing your craft (whatever it might be) easier, more fun, engaging, and successful?

Hey there, how are ya?  (All answers are accepted!)

What are you thinking and feeling about your mental health at this moment?
What’s your immediate reaction to me asking you this question? 

If someone asked me that question out of the blue, I’d think, “Good!” and then pause for a beat to check in with myself, going more deeply into what mental health means to me…

If I asked you to describe “mental health” what would you say? 

Disrupt & Discover!

When is the last time you placed yourself into an experience—an event and people who are totally new to you?

When you have stepped back into being with folks, have you noticed any differences in how you engage with people, process new experiences and information, and socialize?

I realized, after devoting three full days to the EPIC International Summit on creativity, that I am exploring new ways of being in learning experiences and carrying with me some of my best practices.

I wonder how you are approaching new experiences too!

Getting it just right!

When is the last time you had a stellar learning or training experience? What does that look like for you?

On Tuesday, it all came together for everyone in the room —100 students and one adult—it was awesome! It made me wonder…

Take a moment and reflect, when was the last time you completed a session feeling energized, confident, and committed to immediately using your new skills? I hope it was not too long ago!

Discovering themes in our choices

Whether you are thinking about your youth before adolescence, the books you’ve read, and their influence on your life, or choosing to reflect on the same questions from your reading over the past few years, what do you discover? What themes or threads weave together to create your tapestry? What do you make of your answers? What intrigues you?

I wonder how books have influenced you at different times in your life. I hope you will share your insights with me.