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We’re more than our minds—Handling our feelings (gasp!)

What’s your process for discovering how you’re feeling? (ANd, why is that even important?)

Perhaps my question sounds unusual though in my work I have found that many people do not know how they feel. They know how they think, up in their minds, yet they don’t easily locate their feelings in their bodies—joy, happiness, contentment, worry, frustration, anger, surprise.

Once you’ve discovered your answers about how you’re feeling, how do you support and care for yourself?

I found, that in this nerve-jangling experience…

How do you learn best?

How do you learn best? How have you discovered the answer to my question over your years in educational systems and in training programs?

I find that I learn most aware of how I learn best when I am in a situation that doesn’t meet my needs. What about you? When is the last time you had a stellar learning experience? What made it great?

In my effort to focus on the positive—here’s a list of what I need as a learner…

How are you growing in your practice?

How are you saying, “Yes!” to change and growth in your visualization practice?

If your future visualizing work could be any way you wanted it to be, what would it be? Maybe you’re all set with your signature style of drawing figures, icons, and graphical elements—maybe layout, new uses of color, or lettering are what’s up for you. Or maybe, there’s some other aspect of your work that you want to explore?

How will you be the agent of your own change?

If you’re looking for personalized support along the way, a partner on this journey, let’s have a cuppa coffee (or tea) and conversation over Zoom…

Searching My Treasure Chest for Gems!

What activities have you created over the years to amplify the experiential nature of the events you design?

What are some of the best experiences you’ve had as a facilitator, trainer, or participant? I’m guessing that you have your own treasure chest full of ideas, and just a few might have been buried for a while. Time to polish those gems and share them!

Here’s on of my faves!