Entries by Jill Greenbaum

What’s your learning path?

As I reflect on my learning journeys, I notice a path…

My curiosity or interest is piqued Desire to
existing need/desire addressed engagement connect w/ others application to life/ 
source of learning/adventure about learning/ reflect on what to
practice/incorporate into life and how to develop practice

What is your path(s) for your personal and professional development? 
Have you noticed a pattern in your approach? What aspects of your plans for growth are serving you and which need some fine-tuning?

Never too old, never too late…

When you reflect on your life, with the focus of stepping into new endeavors, big or small, what has been your journey?
How have you surprised yourself with your energy and desire to continue to learn and develop?
I’d love to learn what you have taken up a bit later in life.

Liminal experiences—Finding Beauty at the Threshold

When is the last time you reflected on the breadth and depth of your life?
What does it feel like to explore your memories of your personal and professional development—your foundation? 
What would be the criteria you would use to show the through-line(s) of the story of your life?

Come take a peek at my creation of my lineage chat!

Collaboration— it’s an adventure!

What was your most recent stellar collaborative experience?

What made it so fabulous? 

Here’s a different, yet related, question: When was the last time you worked with someone new or someone with whom you had never worked before? (Knowing someone and working with them are two different things, no?) And, when I say “work”, I mean, co-created an experience or a project…

The Joy of Exploration

How often do you think of the tools you’re going to use for a project?
What motivates you to look at your “go-to ” resources with new eyes?

Yesterday morning, I was imagining all kinds of projects for my Tangling from the Heart class. I broke out many of the possibilities at my fingertips. An hour later, I had made so many discoveries…