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Story of my life: Exciting Opportunity + Deadline = Motivation

What ignites your passion to begin a project? What do you know about yourself that supports you in getting done those delightful, exciting, new, or even old ideas, that are languishing? Do you need a buddy, a coach, to carve out time in your schedule, resources, or more information/learning? Can you put your finger on it? What’s calling to you—and how will you find a way to answer?

Unmasking my Unconscious Competence… Making my Practice Conscious

What do you think of how you do what you do? Once you take a look at your habits, which will you embrace and which will you discard?

In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few. 

Shunryu Suzuki

My thinking is, that I need to “be the beginner”/have beginner’s mind. Be present to possibilities, and shift away from habits that narrow the breadth and depth of my thinking.

Adventures in Virtual Learning! The Good, the Bad & the Ugly—Part 2

Here’s the fruits of my labor! All those thoughts I shared in words the other week, “The Good, the Bad & the Ugly” have become an interactive zine!*

The steps to engaging with the zine are: make the zine, then read through it, lastly draw your solutions to the realities posed! There’s also a big, juicy panel for you to visualize and draw “The Best” virtual experience you can imagine!

I hope you will share your solutions with me!

Adventures in Virtual Learning! The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

How are you feeling about the variety of online experiences you are having of late? What are you loving, hating (too strong?), or wondering about?
What does a stellar delivery look, sound, and feel like to you?

I decided that I needed to have some fun with the (mostly mediocre) experiences I was having… so I am creating an interactive piece—I’ll share it next week!

Visualizing your future—what are you imagining?

Looking toward the second half of 2020 causes me to pause… so much has changed so fast. I relish the opportunity to sit with markers and paper to savor and learn from my experiences.

How are you making time in your busy life to reflect?
What’s the nature of the journey you’re experiencing?
How are you dancing with the realities, and the possibilities contained within the changes you have experienced?