11.12 & 11.13 Bikablo + Lettering, University of St. Thomas, MInneapolis

with Jill Greenbaum & Heather Martinez

This set of interactive, hands-on learning days will help you develop visualizing skills—using text and drawings—to support building common meaning in meetings, training sessions or strategic off-sites. By developing a basic set of drawing skills, you will be able to capture key ideas and organize them in a visual format, in real-time, creating clarity and alignment for all participating in the dialogue

10.18.19—10.19.19 in New York City: Bikablo Basics Two-Day Training

with Jill Greenbaum & Annegret Garschagen

In this 2 day training, we focus on the basics of drawing and imagery in visual language. Join us to discover the basic visual vocabulary and ingredients for visualization with the bikablo® technique.