Sharing the Memories of Our Lives

What is of importance to you as you reflect on your life?

When we make the time to think about the breadth and depth of our lives, there is so much to be remembered.

In this workshop, we will share what we know about writing obituaries and explore the topic of life stories. We’ll discuss different ways to design visual obituaries and talk about our experiences with the prompts. There will be time in the session to begin your visual. We will conclude by coming together to share our creations and experiences with this life-affirming process.

Even before we gather for our session, you will receive questions to spark ideas, unearth memories, and help you to gather materials for the work and play of creating your visual obituary.


Jill was a delight to work with, always bringing a welcoming energy and staying flexible during the design process. Within the workshop Jill created an atmosphere that allowed people to be vulnerable with each other and conduct deep reflection with themselves. She has a unique gift of creating safe spaces around uncomfortable or scary subjects so people are able to explore, begin planning and come to peace with them.

Angela KriegA. Krieg Studio

Coming into and performing this work successfully requires a high level of empathy, communication, and conscientiousness. Jill demonstrates these qualities in all that she does, and her ability to connect with participants on a one-on-one level, even in a full group session like this one, is second to none.

Trent WakenightSenior Consultant, The Grove Consultants International

It was a thought-provoking workshop that was designed and well-paced to help you frame your life’s meaningful events. Prior to the session, a list of questions were sent out for reflection to help gather our thoughts and photos. I would recommend this workshop to anyone looking for a creative method to share your life stories and to give meaning and purpose to your life.

Mary Jo NeilDrawn Dialogue

“I appreciated your ability to facilitate sharing which brought such a variety of ideas forward.”

“I was pleasantly surprised with my change of attitude regarding my impression of using visualization in communicating.  I always thought the written word was my major preference.”

“It inspired to me to gather photos…gave me some focusing questions to think about. I’m also percolating on some other ways to work with memories”

About Sharing Our Memories

Jill, we can’t thank you enough for the visual summary you created during our dad’s Zoom memorial. Your presence helped host a tender space that supported heartfelt sharing and your deep listening and artistic talent combined to create a graphic that not only recorded this very special event but will serve as a record in our ancestry book that highlights the best qualities of this unique man that we called our Dad.

Stephanie SteigerwaldtGrief Support Specialist & Facilitator

Jill’s workshop introduced me to the variety of ways to memorialize a life visually. More important than the end-product was the process, which gives you the opportunity to learn about and become closer to your loved one in new ways. Seeing other participants’ work gave me exciting new ideas to try.

Caryn GinsbergArlington, VA