Disrupt & Discover!

When is the last time you placed yourself into an experience—an event and people who are totally new to you?

The fabulous room for my session, “Discover & Design the Life Your Desire.”

It’s been ten days since the EPIC International Summit in Santa Barbara, California. While I had an inkling of what it would be like, as I presented with my buddy Jill Langer at the online Summit last year, live and in-person was so different! The setting was gorgeous—The Music Academy of the West— and you could feel the energy in the room. 

When you have stepped back into special events, have you noticed any differences in how you engage with people, process new experiences and information, and socialize?

The number of participants felt just right—comfortable yet with opportunities to continuously meet new folks at meals, special sessions, and events. There was also time to be on our own—which I really appreciated! I love meeting people, having conversations, and participating in activities, I also want time to think and feel into what I have been experiencing.

My representation of my plans is on the right… my duck is on the left.

Given the opportunity, do you often go for new experiences or re-visit a methodology or technique to approach it from a new perspective?

I joined a session led by a Lego Serious Play facilitator because I loved the content. Truth be told, I was hesitant. My first experience with Lego Serious Play was no fun at all. Happily, the combination of the facilitator, peers at the table, content, and my attitude created a really fun experience with great conversation… and a Picasso-esque duck, plus a representation of my future plans. (Truth be told, I did have a moment where all I wanted to do was visualize/draw my plans… but I let that go.)

When you reflect on your time uncovering new ideas, asking questions, learning, engaging in deep conversations, and gaining a sense of camaraderie, what are your conclusions about your time devoted to the endeavor? 

I had plenty of time to savor and reflect upon my three-day experience. I brought business cards (which I thought might be a thing of the past), and I loved sharing and receiving them (perhaps because I am so terrible at remembering names, and they become little crib sheets for me). The cards are a reminder of the people, our time together, and the total experience. This was time well-spent. 

We found many vellela vellela—By-the-wind Sailor—on an afternoon beach walk.

We lived the Summit’s themes of, “disconnect, disrupt, and discover.”  Though it was challenging to “disconnect” —to put aside my phone, ipad, and computer—it was also a delight. Disrupting ways of thinking and being was fun and took me outside my comfort zone. Discovering new people, ideas, practices, and more left me brimming over.

How do you plan to amplify your experiences?

I have already contacted a half dozen folks about continuing our conversations. It feels wonderful, generative, exciting! 

I am a firm believer that we do not need to physically travel to different places to have the kinds of experiences I describe above… though it can be easier to jumpstart the creative process when we do.

I’d love to hear what you have done lately to shake it up for yourself—and the impact it has had on your whole life.