Such Delight in Saying “No”

I did it again! Three times this week—it must be a record!

  • “No” to a fun, interesting, potentially broadening art class with a famous author (I LOVE her work!)
  • “No” to a class in a new area of learning (I adore learning new techniques to integrate into my existing repertoire.)
  • “No” to an appealing, cozy pattern for knitting a dress. (I could start my own yarn store and have at least four UFO’s/unfinished objects/works-in-progress.)

It’s not really about loving bright, shiny objects—those beauties that catch my attention and provide fun for a brief time. Honestly, I am interested in MANY different things and can easily see how they would benefit me and my work…

What’s your experience with “Yes” and “No?” 

What’s your reflection on your answer? 

Yes is easy for me. 

No takes slowing down, moving beyond the excitement of trying something new and reflecting with discernment on how I will make accommodations/changes to my schedule (feeling impatient with only 24 hours in a day), and assimilating the new knowledge, skills, and practices into my life.

I believe that a new course I’m taking (gasp) is helping me attain greater clarity on what I can achieve—realistically. It feels challenging, surprising—only that much in a day? Oh, that’s still cool.

The process of “calendarizing”/getting real about those 24 hours in a day, instead of creating a plan and tracking my time—as my plans have been at times too flexible to new tasks or people—is new, requires forethought, disciple, perspective, grace (for the missteps), and usually very satisfying.

What’s your take on the state of your life—from a planning perspective—getting the fun and the necessary stuff done? Do you have pearls of wisdom to share? I would love to hear them!*

* As I write, I am using the app focus@will—I have used it for years and love it! When the music is playing (for my chosen timed work session), I ONLY do the task at hand. It’s a delightful tool in my toolbox… While I LOVE (most of) my work (aside from admin. tasks, taxes, etc.), and would rather tangling, drawing, painting, quilting, kayaking, reading book, at a museum, baking… the list continues. …